Frequently Asked Questions- The Grove Building

Why THIS building?

As we have thoughtfully considered and prayed over this possible next step, we see many positive aspects that have kept us interested.

  • Location: right on Lake Sacajawea with very high visibility.

  • Price: the price fits within the range our leaders believe we can afford.

  • Community: the building keeps us in our target community.

  • Zoning: the building is currently a religious organization, so we should have few

    if any issues with the city by way of permits, zoning, etc.

Additional Space; both the Women’s Club (adjoining parking lots) and the

Boulevard (directly across the street) could be rented at reasonable rates, if needed.

But isn’t it a little small?

In some ways, perhaps. But the main meeting space can hold 150 (compared to 200 at EHA) and the kid space available could reasonably accommodate the number of kids that would come in proportion to that size group. We believe the Grove could easily be a church of 250-300 in that space through two services.

In addition, the size of building keeps the cost and upkeep low. Our vision as a church is not to grow huge mega-gatherings, but to have solid churches built on relationships. This size of building will encourage that. As we grow, a smaller building will also encourage us to think about the next campus- the next community we can reach- instead of focusing on filling up, and paying for, a much larger building.

How will we pay for it?

Our plan is to secure a loan from The Alliance Development Fund (ADF), the non-profit financial arm of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. ADF is great because they work extensively with churches, and a portion of our interest goes directly to supporting missions. We are planning to take a loan for the full price of the building- $450,000. There is a very strong possibility that our District- the AllianceNW will give us a portion of this amount before we ever need the loan. That will be known in the next few weeks. If we do take the full amount ($450k), we will be required to put our current building up as collateral. If the AllianceNW steps in, their grant will likely cover the down payment and keep us free from needing any collateral.

The loan through ADF is a 20-year loan at 4.95%. Our monthly payment, if we do end up taking the full amount, will be $2,961 per month. We currently pay $1900 a month in rent to the Longview School District.

We are asking the people of East Hills and The Grove to make a faith pledge towards this building payment. If we take this amount out of our general fund, we would have to curtail other ministries in a significant way. Our hope is to not have to do this.

Is the building ready for us?

It is a great, solid building. But, very little renovations or upgrades have been done to the building since the 1950’s. The building is also set up to have a ‘reading room’ where we would rather have Kidville classes. We will need to do some upgrades to the electrical and the plumbing. We plan to update the windows, the carpet, the seating and the ceiling. We will re-do the stage/platform area and wire-in a sound system. Depending on cost, we may also be able to move a few interior walls to make spaces more conducive to Kidville classes.

Money for renovations will come from funds we have on hand. In the early 2000’s, EHA sold a parsonage, and set a significant chunk of this income aside for this very purpose: a future church plant (Longview Campus). We currently have about $104K in this account. We see this as the “ceiling” for immediate renovations. Renovations may be needed beyond this, but those would be considered as a Phase 2, and considered down the road.

When would we move in?

If we do move forward with purchasing the building, we have until March 30th to close. This would give us time to get all of our construction plans and permitting in order prior to closing. The hope is that when we close on the building, we would be ready to immediately begin demo and renovations.

The timeline for occupying the building is still in flux based on what we determine we can get done with our current funds. An architect is drawing up plans for us at this current time. We want to try and pay “double rent” at both Monticello and the new building for as little time as possible. Occupying the building within a few months of closing is our hope. A more certain timeline is still forthcoming.

What about our partnership with Monticello?

This might be one of the most exciting aspects of the new location. The building is only one block from Kessler Elementary- a feeder school for Monticello. The “Boulevard” youth hang-out is across the street; a place frequented by Monticello students. The physical location is less than one mile from Monticello. Even though we will not be physically meeting at Monticello any longer, we believe that our partnership can continue in all the ways it has up until now- teacher support, school supply drives, Outreach Room help, volunteering- none of these activities will need to stop.

Still have questions? Be sure to contact a staff member or elder. This is a group conversation, not a ‘top-down’ decision. We welcome your ideas and input at every step of the process.