Pray For Our Team!


Hi everyone! Thank you for all your prayers and support for our team. We are getting ready to leave for Sarajevo early Thursday morning! We'll be splitting into two teams when we get there. Becky and Andria will be running a kids camp in a smaller mountain village with some of our Alliance partners, while the rest of us will be working with our partners in Sarajevo and putting on an English Camp.

Please pray for strength as we travel and adjust to the time change. Also, pray for us as we work with the kids. We'd love to be able to help our partners build relationships with local families and for the kids to have a fun time learning! Pray that we can have an impact with the people we encounter. I'm sure we'll all be stretched in different ways and have opportunities to step into more depth in our walk with God. Pray that God will work in each of us through this trip as well!

We'll try to keep you all updated by posting here regularily!

- Jesse