Travel Day

We arrived at the church early Thursday morning….5 am. Nope, not for squats either (The Faith & Fitness team meets for exercise at 5am 3 times a week). Although, Becky was trying to get a a workout going while we were waiting for a certain team member to arrive. And no, it wasn’t me.

We did have a great turn out for our send off. Pastor Steve prayed and off we went!


As we arrived at SeaTac, we were greeted by the man at the baggage check. He asked where we were headed and and we told him. He began to open up about his church and how they do a similar mission in Africa. He has felt called to go but has been taking care of his elderly mother. While listening to his story I asked if I could pray for him, his face lit up and he said yes please. So I prayed for him and his mom.


We went on our way… we had some silly moments together, crowded planes, long flight & short flights, and we went through 3 different countries. We have arrived in Sarajevo and Becky and Andrea have traveled on to their destination of Vares. We are tired, but looking forward to the week!

- Shann