Preparation Day


Hi everyone! Haley here, bringing you the latest from our Bosnia happenings. Walking, planning, drinking coffee, partaking in trying different Bosnian dishes, and more walking consisted of our day today. After the team walked to the local bakery to get breakfast and enjoy devotional/prayer time together, we met with our international guides to gather materials and begin preparations for our kids camp. We met the team we will be working with for the next several days and went over all of the lesson plans, crafts, etc..


We are all struggling with the effects of jet lag, so our international team kept us very busy in order to become accustomed to the 9 hour time difference. Plenty of Turkish coffee and other espresso has been a staple for us! One of our guides took Donna, Ryan, and myself on a tour of the town while Shann and Jesse went in another direction shopping for more supplies. We toured several churches in the area and marveled at the breathtaking architecture as well as the diversity in practices and beliefs. After looking around for several hours, we met up with the other half of the team for dinner as well as tour another portion of Sarajevo as an entire group. Our guide was so helpful with translation, giving us important and interesting information, and assisting us in trying new dishes and beverages that were popular in the community. We were all exhausted by the end of the night and quickly retired to bed. We have seen several different cultures and were discussing earlier about how many people we’ve made an impact on already just being a light and a smiling face amongst the crowds. We plan to continue this pattern as we prepare to have our program starting soon on Monday.


Prayers for relief from jet lag, aches and pains, and continued safety as we go on new adventures tomorrow are appreciated!

Be blessed,