Hey everyone it’s Ryan, aka the duck wrangler.


Today we got to go to church and had a great time worshiping our God in another language. Even though we couldn’t understand the lyrics we knew the songs and could connect that way. The Holy Spirit has no barriers.


After church we got to fellowship with the pastor and his wife at Food Market. A restaurant in a gigantic fancy mall.


Later we walked up a million stairs to Take gondola ride which was scarry to Haley and I and Shann, but we got to walk on the bobsled track from the Olympics in 1984 and it was, ‘cool runnings mon’. We also got trapped for 20 minutes in a thunderstorm with a lot of rain involved.

Later, our friend showed us around to some good desserts and Turkish coffee. Afterwards we grabbed chevapi and had fellowship together. We laughed and then we laughed some more. Now to get some rest for the first day of the English camp tomorrow.