Monday Update - Sarajevo


We had a great first day here at Kids' Camp.  To be honest, we were all a bit anxious this morning.

Haley:  I think it was fun, especially tonight's one-on-one.

Shann:  I liked today, it was very interesting.  There were a few kids that remembered me, and that lit up my heart.  It was a major plus.


Ryan:  My day went well.  I bought a fedora-I look fedorable.  I had a lot of fun with the kids and the one-on-one with the ESL student.

Jesse:  I think it went very well, I enjoyed hanging out with the kids.

Me:  Kids are the same no matter where you go.  I loved it!


Overall, it was a truly terrific, God day!  Thank you all for your prayers; they are felt here.