Ćao from Veraš,


Becky and I have been waiting for this day to come. We loved spending time with the children of Veraš, but today is our home visit day. As you can imagine, health care is not readily available here. A woman that we spoke to today was set up with an MRI for some suspicious lumps a year from now!


Our day began with going up to a look-out spot where we could see all of Veraš. We stood looking out over the city and prayed for the people there. It is such a spiritually dark place. The people here trudge through life without the hope of heaven and the joy that God brings.


We only saw four patients today, but you could see how much they appreciated the love and physical care that we brought to them. We may not be able to proclaim out loud the name of Jesus here, but we can show the people we encounter His love. Our home visits are a “sneaky” way of building the missionary’s relationships up with the community as well. Mario and Dejana are well loved and respected here because of the tangible love they bring.


In one home we were blessed with snacks and coffee. The people here love fellowship. They love to sit with their visitors and talk and laugh. Mario calls this “sweet coffee,” a term that I love and will be using from now on.


As a lot of you might know I can’t eat wheat/gluten. Guess what? I can eat ALL the bread here! It doesn’t bother me. While sitting at a restaurant, after our work was done, I was enjoying the bread. I told the group that “I came to Bosnia for the Lord, but I’m staying for the bread.”

Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to lift up our team and the people of Bosnia.

- Andrea