Wrapping Up Our Week

Hey! It’s Shannon here in Sarajevo giving a little recap on our last day of Space Camp and our closing ceremony.


We had 18 kids total,  a few who had joined during the week and a few who left for holiday. A typical morning at the Source. My group was ART- need I explain more? I would be lying if I said it was never messy. I kept thinking the next day won’t be as messy. He he he.


I feel Haley and I really connected with the kids and our helper through some Disney tunes and art! Throw on some “Let it Go” and no matter the age the girls will sing at the top of their lungs.

What really made an impact on me, was how as a “team” we made connections. One young man’s mom was asking me if I will be at the next one...that really made me smile. I have really enjoyed working with each of these children. Watching them interact with each member of the team, each of the helpers, and our partners. The gratitude from the parents was a blessing.


At the end of the night, we went out to eat with all who helped with Camp. We are pretty sure we witnessed an engagement and maybe photo bombed the the engagement picture (unintentionally).


Saturday, after a week of early rising we were allowed to sleep in before playing tourist again… oh, sleep. We went to the Tunnel museum. This is the Tunnel of Rescue and also known as the Tunnel of Hope. The Bosnians would have to sneak to and from town via the Tunnel in order to safely deliver supplies while avoiding the rampant amount of snipers during the war.


We are now reunited with our teammates who were in Veres. We met up for lunch, as Jesse and Ryan say “I will eat all your foods”.  We headed for a horse-drawn carriage along Velika Aleja to Vrelo Bosne which is an amazing park. Waterfalls, Roman ruins (inhabited now by lizards), and it is the best tasting water!  It was nice to relax and be back together.


After our night was over and we were heading back to our Hostel and taking in all of the sights, we passed a free concert at the food festival. We checked it out and in leaving we passed two kids from Space Camp. She hugged us all, while he gave us high fives-wearing huge smiles on their faces. They were so excited! Our team was even more thrilled than they were.