Traveling Home

I realize that we sort of left you all hanging here as we haven’t posted anything about the last few days of our trip!

We finished up the English Camp on Friday with a program where the kids got to show their parents all the art they worked on during the week. We enjoyed getting to meet their parents and have conversations with them!

Then Saturday we drove to Tuzla for an overnight visit. We got to see different parts of the city, and meet some local christians. We heard about the things that they are doing to shine the light of Christ in this city. We also got to spend some time praying for these things.


Then Sunday morning we attended church where Shann and Angela got to share their testimonies and I (Jesse) had the opportunity to preach and help lead worship. After church we had coffee and lunch with some of the youth and then prayed for them before we left to drive back to Sarajevo. The weather was very hot in Tuzla but it was so great to see what God is doing there and meet new friends.

Sunday evening we arrived back in Sarajevo and went to dinner with our friends before packing and going to bed tired. We left for the airport at 4:30 am on Monday morning. On the way to the airport, our taxi drive offered me a cigarette and I politely declined. Then he said, “no me!” Apparently, he was asking if I minded if he smoked in the car and I misunderstood! Oops!


Our flights home all went great with no delays or problems. We were even able to make good use of our layover in Amsterdam as we left the airport and rode the train to the central station. We had a solid half hour to walk around the block, take pictures of Amsterdam and stop at a coffee shop for a quick sandwich before getting back on the train to the airport.

We arrived back in Kelso on Monday evening tired and with foggy brains. Pray for us as we continue to adjust to the time zone here at home and as we process everything we experienced on the trip. We look forward to sharing more with you this weekend at our worship gatherings! The biggest thing on my heart is to keep praying for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pray that God would soften hearts to the gospel that many will have the opportunity to hear about the hope of Jesus.

- Jesse