Change Groups

One of the ways we build community at East Hills & The Grove is through change groups. These small group gatherings exist to help people overcome all kinds of struggles, challenges and addictions. The groups are confidential and are safe places to process the real issues we all face. We have three different change groups:

Pure Desire (Men Only):

If lust, pornography, or sexual behaviors of any kind are wreaking havoc in your life, true freedom is possible. These groups have helped many, many men walk into lasting freedom.

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|  Pure Desire Ministries  |  Contact Pastor Josh:   |

Betrayal and Beyond (Women Only):

If you have been wounded or even betrayed by the addictions of your spouse or a loved one, this group can help you find hope and healing. You are not alone, and this group will connect you with other women who have walked this road and have emerged stronger and more confident in their faith than ever before.

More information available at:

| Pure Desire for Women | Contact Judi Wright: |

The Genesis Process (Men or Women):

These gender-specific groups meet weekly to focus on life change in any area. Whether your issue is anger, control, spending, depression, or anything else, this Biblical process will help you to discover what went wrong and how to fix it. Groups are forming now.

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Women - contact Judi Wright: