Pastor Wayne Wrzesinski

I’m excited to join the team at East Hills and The Grove. I’ve had a passion for student ministry and for worship since I was a teenager and look forward to walking with the students of East Hills and The Grove on their journey towards Jesus

I’ve been married to Nicole for a dozen years and we have two kiddos. Our daughter Annabelle is 11 and our son Josiah is 7. Some of the things that we enjoy doing as a family are kayaking, playing with legos, and eating ice cream while watching Pixar/Disney movies.

Prior to having the privilege to serve in ministry vocationally I served in the US Navy, was an electrician for the Union Pacific Railroad and worked as a corrections officer in the Cowlitz County Jail.

I love to golf (though I’m not good at it and sometimes wonder why I pay money to be frustrated for a couple of hours). I also love photography and videography (you can watch a few vlogs here) as a hobby and for the church.

Thanks for taking some time to check out East Hills and The Grove online, I hope to connect with you soon.