Enough By Linda Pharr

I had an agenda when I decided to participate in the October women’s weekend retreat this year in Ocean Park. I needed to meet with God in a quiet place and to work out some issues with Him. 

Over the course of two and one-half days, I got so much more! 

An early morning coffee walk with good friends; a four-mile bike ride that turned into an eight-mile bike ride; a midnight wake-up when someone inadvertently flicked the lights on in our room—mistaking it for her own (you know who you are!); a quiet bench in a shady spot for a time with the Lord; lots of laughter, tears and snacks (lots of snacks) and good, solid counsel by Ann Hight and Amy Guartuche on “The secret of being content.”
I found out that contentment is a choice and that I need to rest in the sufficiency of Christ alone. The mystery is that Jesus is enough—for everything I need and will go through and face in my life. The question is: Do I believe it? I chose to. 

I can do everything, deal with everything, struggle with everything that comes my way in life by choosing to act on the fact He is enough—for strength when the going gets rough, for patience when mine is lost, for comfort when grief or betrayal comes my way. 
God met me in a very special way that weekend. And I found friends of all ages to laugh with, cry with and share East Hills Alliance life with. 

And I discovered bunco for the first time!

Lori SheroComment