Getting to Know You

The House interviewed Cameron Gunn, new EHA sound tech leader, as a part of a continuing series on new members at EHA and The Grove.  

The House: How long have you been attending EHA?

Cameron: We started attending EHA on a regular basis in January 2013.

The House: Could you describe your family a little bit? (number of years married, wife’s name, number of children, their ages?)

Cameron: My wife Stacia and I have been married for 8 years. We met in high school and continued dating through college and married shortly after I graduated. We have two daughters. Claire is 5 years old and Paige is 3. They’re the ones roaming the halls in Kidville with giant Seahawk bows on Sunday morning.

The House: Where do you work?

Cameron: Reprographics, Inc.  It’s a printing & graphic design company. 

The House: Share a little about your journey with Jesus: When did you become a Christian? How did that happen? Share one or two things that mean a lot to you as a believer?

Cameron: I grew up in a Christian home and I became a Christian when I was in the second grade. I was at Sunday school when I asked my teacher how to become a Christian and she prayed with me. Although I became a Christian at age 8, I wasn’t baptized until much later. It wasn’t until a 
family member passed away that I rethought about my faith and decided that it was time to be baptized. As a believer I feel it is important for me to use the talents I have been given to aid in others’ walk, such as helping with worship by running the sound board.

The House: Do you have a special interest, talent or skill that you think we might be interested in knowing about you? (Do you juggle? Race motorbikes? Run or hike for recreation?)

Cameron: One of my interests is cycling & mountain biking. I was on the Western Washington University cycling team for 2 years.

The House: Any fun facts? 

Cameron: As part of earning a geology degree, in college I did a field study that required me to camp for 6 weeks straight.

Lori SheroComment