Hello From The Future!

Nick Teaching on Spiritual Formation Friday evening at the Malta church. 

Hello everyone! We have been in Bosnia for two full days now. For the most part, I think we are all getting pretty well adjusted to the time change (Bosnia is 9 hours ahead of Pacific Time, so hello from the future!). The fist day here was really long, especially for Nick and Matt (Pastor from Tacoma, WA), as the only sleep we got on Thursday night was on the airplane and after we landed in Bosnia, Friday at 12:45pm; that evening, Nick and Matt taught the first seminar on Spiritual Formation (see Nick’s blog below).  

So far, the trip has been exciting as we have gotten to meet the Alliance workers here and reconnect with the Dinius family who had come to our Global Impact week at East Hills a year ago. Yesterday, we rode the “tram" to downtown Sarajevo and experienced some Bosnian culture. It is amazing to me how relational the people are, and how many people are out and about walking at almost any time of day and late into the evening. Walking seems to be part of the way of life here and we got to experience some of that as we explored today. 

Nick inside the Library/Museum, you can see some of the Turkish architecture. 

We visited a Library/Museum that had some Bosnian art exhibited. The building was built in and around a building that used to be a Turkish bath-house. The architecture was really beautiful. 

The roof of the old Turkish bath-house. 

We’ve been enjoying the food too! So far my favorite is the stuffed donuts, which are fried bread stuffed with cheese and chicken, but I’m expecting that this will not be my favorite for long; there are still so many foods left to try! We also had Bosnian pizza which will probably, eventually, find it’s way into another blog post at my pizza blog: jessedeats.blogspot.com

Today we are going to church at Ilidza where Nick will be preaching and I am looking forward to possibly helping out on their worship team! Keep checking back here for more updates!

Thank you for praying for us. Please continue to pray that God would bring us into the path of people that need encouragement and that we can be a blessing in all the conversations and interactions we have. Also, pray that God would teach and grow us through this trip, that he would bring us into to the path of people who he will use to do that work in us.

- Jesse