House Interview - The Larwick Family

Welcome to the East Hills Alliance family!
The House interviewed new EHA members Lance and Ali Larwick! 

The House: How long have you been attending EHA?

Larwicks-We started attending early 2012

The House: Could you describe your family a little bit? (number of years married, number of children, their ages?)

Larwicks: Ali grew up in Bothell WA and Lance Brush Prairie WA.  Lance & Ali met at Washington State University (Pullman) in 1999.  After college Lance got a job at Cowlitz PUD.  We moved to Kalama and rented for a year.  We built a house in Lexington and have been there since.  We were married March 2006 in Kirkland, WA (8 years!)  We have 2 boys, Blake, 6 years old, was born Sept 2007 and Mason, 4 years old, was born July 2009.  Blake is currently in kindergarten and attending Beacon Hill.  Mason is in preschool and attending Smart Start at Exodus Church in Longview. 

The House: Where do you work?

Larwicks:  Lance works as an electrical engineer at Cowlitz PUD.  Ali is a stay at home mom who works way harder than Lance. 

The House: Share a little about your journey with Jesus: When did you become a Christian? How did that happen? Share one or two things that mean a lot to you as believers?

Larwicks: Ali is a baby Christian and still in the process of growing her relationship with God. Lance: I grew up attending Bethel Lutheran Church in Brush Prairie, WA.  When I went off to college I strayed and stopped going to church.  I basically became a CEO (Christmas and Easter Only).  As a Christian, I believe Love is very important part of my everyday life and do my best to share it when I can. 

Lance and Ali:  It was not until 2012 that we both felt a calling to reach out to Jesus.  We had both recently lost family members and were feeling like something was missing in our lives. We started visiting local churches and it was not until we found East Hills (recommended by Lannie Sheldahl) that we felt at home and settled in.  We discovered we had several East Hills Alliance neighbors that lived within a stone’s throw from our house as well (Stumbos and Milligans).  When we first started attending we sat down with both families individually (the Stumbos were a little shocked that we were willing to feed a family of their size) and had a good chance to discuss some concerns and share our stories.  The meetings with these families played an important role with us ending up at East Hills.

The House: Do you have a special interest, talent or skill that you think we might be interested in knowing about you? J (Do you juggle? Race motorbikes? Run or hike for recreation?)

Larwicks: The kids are both active in sports (baseball, soccer, and basketball).  Lance coaches and just finished another year of tee ball at Kelso Youth Baseball league where both boys got to played on the same team this year. 

Ali is a member of MOPS (mother of preschoolers) and a member of their leadership team.  She is also enjoys stamping as a hobby. 

Lance enjoys outdoor activities such as local mud runs and is currently building a boat for the 4th of July Longview Cardboard Boat Regatta which is on July 2nd.  This is his 3rd year doing this.  Lance’s boat will be a Harry Potter themed boat this year and this will be the first year Blake will get to help row. 

We both like to fish and typically go camping several times a year.  This year we have plans to camp at Fort Stevens State Park, Mossy Rock and Cape Disappointment.  We have family in Wenatchee and will spend at least one week on the east side of the mountains enjoying the sun and fresh fruit.

The House: Any fun facts? 

Larwicks: Lance’s parents own a u-cut Christmas Tree Farm in Brush Prairie WA (Between Battle Ground and Orchards).  After thanksgiving, we spend every weekend working at the farm helping out.

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