The Grove, by Pastor Jon Donohue

The launch of The Grove is quickly becoming a reality! For many months both staff and congregation have been talking about the new campus in theoretical terms, while spilling much ink on paper dreaming about what would be and how the new campus would function.

Now there is a launch team that is actively engaged in developing this new ministry, and sweat and energy have replaced ink and paper as the key resources of the day.

On October 12, The Grove will officially launch at Monticello Middle School. Leading up to this day, many leaders and team members have been working hard to make sure that each ministry is operating smoothly. We have been going through a series of practice launches, with each practice fine-tuning our skills, design, and functionality as a new campus in action. We have been trying out different Kidville classroom layouts and designs. We have been determining how long it takes to move tables, set up sound tech equipment, pipe and drape, chairs, décor, and welcome centers. We have been walking through orders of service and making sure services flow as they should. We have been living out a day in the life of The Grove as if it were an actual Sunday morning worship service with the community invited. All of these practices have greatly helped us prepare for the full launch day October 12.

Members of The Grove have been starting to actively plug into service at Monticello Middle School. From helping inventory supplies in the Outreach Room which provides for the many needs of Monticello students and families, to giving backpacks and office supplies for students and teachers at the start of school, we have slowly begun to serve and make an impact in our newly-adopted school. As the weeks roll by, there will certainly be others who make it a part of their mission to plug in and be light amongst the teachers, staff, and students at Monticello Middle School.

Please continue to pray for The Grove launch team. Pray that the team continues to unify and serve well even in the midst of spiritual attack and difficult health news that has hit a few members of the team. Pray that the enemy will not distract us from our mission. Pray also for Monticello Middle School- that this year would be a year of positive transformation, and that many people there would be impacted by the loving service and care we extend to them in the name of Jesus. Pray for an even broader and deepening spiritual impact that will extend further and further into the community.

I encourage you to give financially to support this new ministry endeavor as the Lord calls you. If you are feeling drawn to this ministry, I also encourage you to inquire about what it means to be a part of the launch of The Grove. We are always seeking new members to come on board and be an integral part of this new movement. There are still plenty of ways to give and serve. Contact Pastor Jon for more information at

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