CAMA Coffee Corner—Getting Acquainted!

East Hills and The Grove are fine-tuning their CAMA support through the coffee donations by adopting CAMA workers from “our neck of the woods.” Ron and Lisa Ramsey and Doug and Anya Holcomb, from a local Portland CMA church, are serving in Kosovo, “next door” to Bosnia.


When the church family donates for a cup of CAMA coffee, the money will go to help the Ramsey and Holcomb families in their ministry.


Ron and Lisa Ramsey serve in Gjilaan, Kosovo. Kosovo is 90% Muslim, has the youngest population in Europe and also is the poorest country in Europe. Lisa is a counselor and does consultation, research and training. Ron has a plastics recycling business with a local Kosovar Christian.


Their passion is to see Kosovars come to faith in Jesus Christ and for national believers to have opportunities for discipleship and growth.


The Ramseys will be the first International Workers to be featured in the new, upcoming “Get Acquainted” wall above the coffee bar in the EHA foyer. International workers from all over the world will be featured this year at the CAMA coffee corner bar! “See” you there!