Ministry Opportunity - Visual Tech Team

Every week at both of our campuses and at all of our services a volunteer member of our Visual Tech Team works behind the scenes to help everyone who attends the service engage in worship through singing. They do this by presenting the lyrics to the songs on the projection screen. In addition to this they make sure that the sermon notes, announcement slides, videos and anything else that needs to be presented is displayed at the right time. All this is done as smoothly as possible to help all of us in the room engage without even having to think about how helpful these cues and visual prompts on screen have become to us!


The Visual Tech Team is an interesting ministry because it is very “behind-the-scenes” and yet the product of their work is up front and center and important to our worship service. Because they work from behind the scenes it can be a thankless job, but without them our worship services would not be the same. We have a wonderful team of people who have been serving in this role. If you get a chance to stop by the tech booth some weekend, be sure and thank the visual tech for their work!


Another side effect of this role being behind the scenes is that many people may not know that it is an area where they could plug in and serve. Currently, there is a need for more people to step into this role at both of our campuses. Let me tell you some more about it, and if it seems interesting to you, I’d love to talk with you further about being part of this team.


Both of our campuses use the same computer program to present media on our projection screens. The program is called ProPresenter, and though it is very powerful, it is also very easy to use. Each week all of the content is loaded into the program and made ready for the visual tech to operate during the worship services. The visual tech attends rehearsal with the worship team and makes sure that all the slides are in the correct order and practices along with the team to learn all of the transitions between slides and different media that needs to be presented.


Qualification and training for this role can be scalable based on the volunteer’s interest and skill level. Everyone starts off by learning how to operate the basics of the program, and make edits to the order of the slides. At this beginning level the role mostly involves clicking ahead to the next slide when it is needed. Then through group or one-on-one training volunteers can learn the more in-depth parts of the program and be able to help build or edit the slides as needed. The role could even expand into more of the artistic side of things to include being involved in choosing background images or videos and working with the stage lighting. All of this would be within the realm of the Visual Tech Team and from this role one can do a lot to continue to make our services aesthetically and visually engaging.   


If you have a passion for tech or visual aesthetics or even if you are just looking for a low-profile way to serve, this could be a perfect place for you! If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, and if you would like to talk further about being involved in this team please email me at: