Women's Bible Study - Monica Wrzesinski


I am so grateful that Chris Jenkins stepped up to teach "12 Women of The Bible."  I had the privilege of being one of the table leaders and really enjoyed getting to know the gals at our table.  This was a stretch for me personally, but I know Chris and I know that she doesn't do anything without spending a lot of time in prayer before stepping out and doing it.  

The first night all of us were informed that whatever was shared at this study would stay there.  I loved how we would start by joining hands and praying ~ women from East Hills, The Grove, women from our community, some who attended other churches, some who didn't attend church.  The presence and love of God filled that room.  

At our table, women were open and honest and real starting the first night.  For many of us, our prayer time was something that we each really looked forward to.  I was excited to see the age range of the women and so grateful that there were not any "clicks".  I learned a lot about God's heart and love concerning women ~ in Bible days and today.  I'm so glad that I attended this study.