Women's Bible Study - Jean Imholte

The Bible study Chris led "Women of the Bible", was a video series followed by discussion and prayer.  Each week we learned about a different woman from the Bible and we saw what challenged them, how God used them, and how those same types of challenges can be used in our own lives for God's glory. 

There were several different ladies on the video series that spoke so it was different each week.  The study was followed on the video with a woman who gave her personal story, "real lives", and that was always a very meaningful application.  Our table groups were wonderful!  We really got to know each other gradually and began to pray earnestly for each other, seeing some fantastic results from the Lord!  Our table leader kept in touch throughout the week and we knew there was always a network to tap into of caring friends if anything came up.  

The best part might just be that there was no homework!  It was always "come as you are".  The books that went with the study did have good questions to answer if you had time before the meeting, or after upon reflection.  So if you were having a particularly busy week it was fine to just show up and (our motto) "Look up, relax and receive".  Another statement that characterized this group was "this is a safe place". 

Everything said and shared was sacred and we repeated that statement each week.  I think that helped us all relax and know we could share our hearts without worry.  I would really recommend anyone who is looking to recharge their spiritual battery and grow closer to the Lord and Sisters in the faith to join any future Bible studies Chris does.  She was a very special, humble leader.