Bosnia Day one

The Bosnian team arrived in Sarajevo about 7:30p.m. after a long, uneventful flight from Portland, OR. WE arrived the day before the 20th anniversary of the Sbrenica massacre which led to the US and NATO intervention in ending the Balkan War in 1995. There are many memorials going on to the victims of the massacre and today many dignitaries will be landing to commemorate this tragic event.

We arrived and immediately left for Vares and went directly to the hotel where we unloaded the luggage and went to Mario and Dijana's office/center to eat a meal. Every one was awake but in a stupor due to lack of sleep. But we met some of the workers that we working alongside in constructing the playground. They have expressed reservations about women working this project because women here do not perform such work. We have seen the site and some of the structures have been set up already. We will be working today (Saturday, no rest for the weary) since the local workers were anxious to get going. The children are very anxious to start using the playground.

We are locked in the hotel this morning. We can only find one door leading outside and it is locked and we cannot get out. We will check on that today. Hopeful there will be no fire. So this allowed time for a post. As the time goes along there will be posts from the others on the team. Ahhh, the power of delegation.

Mario told us the story of how this came together. It is longer than I want to post here. But one example of God's hand is: The municipal workers went on strike right before the they were to begin clearing and leveling the area the playground was to be installed. But the workers were so excited about this project that they made an exception and worked to prepare this particular area for the playground, while leaving all other city work undone. Many neighborhood people have asked Mario how he accomplished this, which opens the door to him witnessing about God's provision.

Our team is ready to work and excited to get going. We covet your prayers and thank you for your continued support. God has really worked in everyone's heart to be open to various ways of being used. God has kept us all healthy and primed for work. So now it is up to Him to use us.


Jason HooverComment