Bosnia Day 4

It's the end of day four in Vares, Bosnia and it is pouring down rain.  Pouring... just like it does in Kelso, Washington.  You know, where the rain hits the pavement with enough force to bounce back up and soak the bottom of your pants.  It was Robbin Treadway's turn to blog tonight, but she passed the lap top over to me, knowing I have desperately missed work and report writing back home.  Haha!  She owes me now and I love holding favors over a friends head.

Vares is a small town wedged between steep bright green mountains and it is beautiful.  On Saturday our team traveled up a very windy narrow road to a view point to pray over Vares.  The scene of the city from above is breath taking.  We returned with lifted spirits and some really great selfies for all our Facebook profiles.     

Sunday we went to Mario and Dejana's property where they have future plans to build a retreat.  It also comes with an incredible view and free range cattle that wear bells around their necks.  I'll be honest, watching a bull with horns trot down a dusty country road is distracting during prayer. 

Our team was introduced to two families near their property.  To see first hand how beloved Mario and Dejana are is very moving.  I am personally inspired by how they reach out in so many ways to create relationships. 

Wayne got to practice some medicine, which was nice because he is also desperately missing his job.  LOL!   In Bosnia the doctors don't do a great job of explaining why and how medications should be administered to their patients.  So Wayne Van Hamme took the time to listen to their symptoms through translation, check over their medications, and answer a lot of questions these families had.  While we were there we did get offered to sample some homemade spirits.  If you find yourself curious what Bosnia moonshine may taste like ... imagine taking a swig of rubbing alcohol. We were offered plum, peach, and apple shine.  I assure you that those of us who chose to take a sip detected no flavor what-so-ever and it's sort of fun watching someone try to smile and be polite while their chest is on fire.

Later we piled in cars and drove to Zenica to attend church were Mario and Dejana are from. The church is in a small room, only slightly larger than Pastor Nick's office, where approximately 9 locals attend.  We packed the house!  It was crazy to see so much passion in such a small space.  They love the Lord and worship was powerful in Bosnian and in English.  Just a suggestion for anyone planning on going on a future mission trip here, they don't project the words of songs onto a big screen for those of us who don't know them by heart.  Memorize or pack a projector in your check luggage.

Fun fact: Unlike the intestinal issues the youth group in Mexico may be facing 5 out 7 team members here are constipated.  Pray for movement in Bosnia.

You're probably wondering what's going on with the playground.  That's a great question.  We have definitely ran across some stumbling blocks.  The construction plans are in the head of a local Bosnian construction worker who also happens to be a police officer.  While he has been building the frame work we occasionally get to hand over a tool or hold a board in place but that's about it. 

This is where our team can use your prayers.  Our team is here to work and we are feeling some frustration with not being useful towards getting this playground built.  We've kept busy cleaning up litter around the neighborhood and playing with kids but eventually they get called to dinner. 

Despite the set backs we are seeing amazing work being done through Mario and Dejana.  We feel so honored to be apart of their ministry toward the children and people in Vares.  In a town of 9,000 people there are only 5 believers.  We thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.


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