Bosnia Day 5

Today was awesome! We are praising the God who answers prayers. Yesterday we were all a bit down after spending much of our time watching one man work. We were done picking up litter and smoothing the ground and making a berm along the edge. In the evening we had a great team meeting to share our concerns and encourage each other. I love these brothers and sisters! Each one makes a unique contribution. Today? Wow!! Mario arranged for the sand (small limestone rock) to be delivered one day early. A long dump truck (semi) came down our narrow street and left us 20 tons! We went right to work. Well, some of us did. I was having a conversations with a very nice young man who stopped to talk in English. That, by the way, is maybe more important than building the playground. Relationships that can continue with Mario and Dajana after we leave are one of the ways God's love will shine brighter and brighter here. It has been a joy to watch the ways that individuals have connected here. We all will go home with specific people that have been put on our hearts. Many are children, but there are also the people that stop to talk with us or who join in on working with us. One man told of how his grandfather lived here and that he played on a playground on this site many years ago.
So may our short time here enlarge the ministry of Vares!

Today! Today we worked hard! Did I mention that 20 tons? We spread all of it over a 34 by 18 square meter area and this is exactly what we came to do. We were so encouraged as we saw men who were bystanders join in to help and the 17 children who worked with Dajana to clean the edges of the street. Even the neighborhood president moved sand and scraped away weeds. It was a fulfilling day!

Before signing off I must mention that when Wayne took Robbin and me on an adventure walk during our rest time, we met a farmer who invited us to come to his home. He and Wayne communicated through each of their bit of German. We ended that time with an invitation to come in the morgen to milk his cow! So stay tuned!  :-)

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