Bosnai Day 8

"Doctor" Wayne examining a patient

Today at breakfast we praised God for the non-rain cloud cover yesterday afternoon and asked for the same today for more painting.  
After breakfast we headed out to Mario and Dejana’s property in the country all prepared to paint and have a barbecue lunch.  When we arrived we sat down and talked a little bit about their vision of this property.  They eventually want a small A-frame house there with a trail for a prayer walk.  There is currently a covered area and a swing set (a frame anyway).   They would like to call this place “Emanuel” because you truly feel God with you when you are here.  We prayed over the property asking for blessing, safety and His spirit to always be present, then we went to work.
Jason and Mario did most of the higher painting that required climbing ladders and barrels to reach, and Debbie had a pretty good reach as well.  The rest of the girls worked on the lower parts and as far as we could reach.  Wayne spent time with some local men that were not in the best of health.  He gave them some advice and Becky showed them some stretches to help with sore areas in their backs and legs.  Kathy and Wayne prayed over these men for relief of pain and healing.
Mark, Robbin and Dejana prepared an incredible lunch of grilled pork and veal with grilled peppers and zucchini plus a tomato, onion and pepper salad.  It was wonderful, these guys can cook!
After lunch Wayne, Robbin and Debbie went for a hike while Jason and Mario finished up the painting.  The rest of us cleaned up and took it easy, just enjoying the beautiful view God created and resting.  
We finished up with dinner at the hotel with all of us feeling refreshed.  A day in nature will do that for you.  Especially in a country as beautiful as Bosnia - then again we are spoiled with much of the same beauty in the Pacific North West.  
Please continue to pray for the vision Mario and Dejana have for this city, the people truly love them and just need to know that Jesus loves them too.

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