Thanksgiving Offering, by Pastor Nick Stumbo

In November of 2015, we dedicated an entire weekend’s offering to international missions. Everyone was encouraged to pray and ask how the Lord would lead them to contribute. On one single weekend, we have over $17,500 come in from the congregation. Wow! With these funds, we were able to contribute $5000 to a Christian recycling ministry in Kosovo so they could purchase a new truck. They have recently signed a contract to handle all the recycling for schools and government offices. The truck will enable them to do this, and to hire several more people. All of this enables our international workers to build bridges to people who don’t know Jesus!

We also gave $3000 of personal support to Doug and Anya Holcomb, who work with CAMA in Kosovo. The Holcomb’s are out of an Alliance Church in Portland, and their children are our adopted TCK’s (Third-Culture Kids.) We also donated over $9500 of the remaining funds to the Great Commission Fund, supporting hundreds of workers around the globe.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this special offering is that, even though we gave away a full weekend of tithes and offerings, we were still ahead of budget for the rest of the month! Praise God for His goodness to us. It seems that no matter how hard we try, we just can’t out-give God! A huge thank you to everyone who gave!!


Lori SheroComment