Kidville: The place where children learn that adults care and that Jesus loves them

The House did a short interview with a couple of Kidville’s special teachers. Shea Craver & Shann Gilman.

Shea has been teaching about 6-7 months in the preK/kindergartenclass at The Grove.

Shann has been teaching Kidville for about 7 years, starting out as a helper on Saturday nights at East Hills. She is now the campus leader for Kidville at The Grove, and still teaching.

The House: Why do you teach in Kidville?

Shea: I had thought about teaching before but it was just a thought. As I began attending The Grove on Sundays, the stirring again started in my heart. I prayed about it and God opened the door.  I think it is so important to teach them the word of God from an early age. I pray about the stories and crafts for each lesson so that the message comes from God through me. I want to teach them the joy of knowing and loving God.

 Shann: I love teaching! I love hearing the children pray, answer questions, and reciting bible verses. Kidville is so much more than a time away from the adult church. It is a time for our young generation to connect with God. It is a time for them to worship and a time for them grow. I love that moment when we are in a lesson and they get it! And they want to do more! We have made prayer journals, cards for missionaries, and prayed for each other.

The House-can you share an inspiring moment or a time that became a “teachable” moment in the lives of your students or in you?

Shea: There have been so many moments that to name one would be difficult. I know that I learn as much from them as they learn from me. By that I mean the perspective with which they see and express things really makes me stop and think. As they learn Bible stories, I am re-learning also. So in essence, I am learning as I am teaching. I really love these precious little ones. I am truly blessed.

Shann: I remember last year we were still in Monticello middle school, someone spoke about the children of the school and the food boxes for Christmas (winter break). When the children were released and we were all back in our room the children wanted to know how they could help. We, Karen and I used this as an opportunity to teach them about Jesus loves and we are called to love. 

The House: Kidville at both campuses (The Grove and East Hills) could use some more support from women and men interested in helping children know and love the Lord. For more information, contact Jo-El Perez at