Financial Peace - A Look Back, By Jerry & Bobbi Wilson

The House asked Jerry and Bobbi Wilson to share their journey using Financial Peace as a tool to help them get out of debt. They will be leading the current Financial Peace University program beginning March 21 at EHA. Here is their story

Dear Alliance Family,                                                                                                                  When Jon asked us to lead FPU, we wanted to make sure that we would be up to the task of leading the class. After praying about it, we felt that God was leading us to step up. We had taken the class led by Jon three years ago, and it has meant a lot to us. Jon thought that our success since then would be motivational to others.

We have been in debt most of our 34 years of marriage, of course small at the beginning as we were attempting to create a good line of credit, common practice in the time, then much larger over the years.  This has led to years of financial goal setting discussions and stress. We’ve been fortunate to have had jobs and incomes that have allowed us to continue to live relatively comfortably and attempt to pay off our debt, but until Financial Peace University, nothing had ever worked with lasting results. Looking forward to retirement in the next decade and life beyond, we wanted to free ourselves of the debt once and for all. We had heard of FPU, and thought that a Christian-based financial planning program sounded like something we 

should try, and God loves to nudge when He knows someone is considering a smart move within His wonderful plans. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the course from the very first night, and walked out saying this looks like it could really work! We thought Dave Ramsey was fantastic and so motivating, full of great methods and plans - different, exciting, and thought provoking. Jon was such a warm and wonderful leader and made us feel welcome every night. One  strength of the class (and program) is the support and community of learning with others who are working on their financial goals, too. It doesn’t matter if the people have debt or not, the principles are sound. 

The methods were a little challenging at first, but soon became easier and rewarding. We learned how to do accurate monthly budgets, seeing where all the money really goes to. The tools in the class are so good, and having everyone at our table using them at the same time, then celebrating the victories, was emotional and motivating. One of the immediate bonuses was that we each got to set aside a designated amount each month for free spending, guilt free! No more arguments about buying another hot drink or book! Other small successes followed. 

Now using what we’ve learned with Financial Peace University, we are on a definite path, with a visible destination, to being Debt Free! Best of all we know we can honor God with the way we use our money for His purposes. We encourage everyone who is considering the class to join us for the journey!

Lori SheroComment