A Memorial For Chuck Byers, A Very Special Man, by Noel McRae

The Roadrunner Connection Group at EHA has purchased a memorial plaque honoring Church Byers. Noel McRae shares some memories about Chuck in this article. 

Chuck Byers was a long-time associate and friend of many in our Roadrunner Connection group. He is the last of the original members of East Hills Alliance Church. 

Chuck was a personal friend for as long as I have been in the church. That dates back to the 60s. His involvement in EHA goes back to a time when the core of the church was meeting over in Longview, dreaming of building a church in Kelso. 

I personally began working with him as he helped me work with our youth group by helping take them on backpack trips and coordinating with me as we ran the junior camp at Canby for several years. He cooked for our church potlucks, provided breakfasts for our Saturday men’s Bible study and helped in a myriad of roles and other projects around the church. 

He was one of the first to commit to what became our Roadrunner Group. Even when he was totally worn out from coaching, he would make it to our group. 

We worked with him as he became sick and we coordinated with him as he faced his last days. 

Buying a plaque to remember him was a small deed to remember a good and faithful friend.

The plaque will be located by the EHA front doors for a couple of months, then will be moved to the kitchen where Chuck served the church for so many years. 

Lori SheroComment